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Feb 13, 2011

Jennifer Hudson: Slimming down!

Jennifer Hudson:  Slimming down!
Is it really her? Many could not believe their eyes when Jennifer Hudson showed off her new dream body on the red carpet for the first time. The Oscar-winning actress was barely recognizable. So just had to ask her what her diet goals were as this new 29-year-old fitness icon.

For years she was the opposite of Hollywood's slim celebrity female stars. With a little bit more weight on her – to the public Jennifer Hudson was a powerful voice and a charismatic, enthusiastic star. The singer and actress, who received among other things, the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Dream Girls; proved her worth despite the extra pounds.

But Hudson herself grew tired of her curves. She no longer wanted to rely solely on her artistic talent, but also provide a new dream body sensation for her, and to the world. Up until today this once chubby Hollywood star has lost 30 pounds.  Since the birth of her son in the summer of 2009, Hudson was fasting. According to Los Angeles Times, in the first seven months of her diet she had already lost 27 pounds.

Jennifer Hudson relied on Weight Watchers for her diet. With a flexible program it guaranteed a slow and healthy weight loss. No food is banned therefore the program allows you to eat anything you like. That being said, they have a points system in which every day you are only allowed to exceed the number of points that are individually calculated. The number of points you can obtain depends on your weight, age and gender.

Hudson ate less fat and paid most attention to nutritional information and calorie intake. Her diet changed completely to mostly salads and chicken.  Every week she would have a meeting with her diet coach who supported her through her weight loss plans. The great success of the actress inspired experts from Weight Watchers, who decided to take Hudson on as their new celebrity success face for the company. Hudson says that the program is a healthy and easy way to lose weight.   To get her dream body she had to keep to a strict diet and make a slight change in her lifestyle. In the program she explains that you can still eat what you like – just in proportion. Hudson explained that her motivation for discipline was her young son: as a mother she wanted to live healthier and be a role model.

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