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Feb 26, 2011

Increase Lower Body Strength With Stability Ball Exercises

Stability ball exercises are a great way to tone your legs and the rest of your body when combined with separate cardiovascular exercise 3 to 6 times a week. Working with a stability ball health program can help anyone improve their flexibility, strength and balance. Many people use the stability ball to improve their core strength, but the ball itself can be used to tone and shape any muscle of the body when targeted fitness moves are conducted. 

Take a look at these lower body stability ball exercises to add to your overall exercise routine for more shapely results. Before you begin you should always engage in a complete stretching routine and warm up session, just as you would with any other exercise routine or program.

Stability Ball Squats

To work your quads, calves and other parts of your legs, the squat can’t be beat. To do this exercise with a stability ball, place the ball on the wall about mid-lower back. Lean against the ball and bend your knees until they are at an approximate 90 degree angle. Squat down toward the ground and then lift back up to your starting position. To make this move more challenging, you can add a leg extension. To do this, simply extend one leg out (at the bottom of your movement) and hold it for a few seconds. Be sure to alternate legs each time when adding this leg extension challenge.

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Stability Ball One-Leg Lunge

For this stability ball leg move, simply stand a few feet away from the ball (be sure to prop it up against a wall if you need more stability) and put one foot on the ball in a split position. Slowly begin by bending your front knee, lowering your hips toward the floor. Be sure to keep your back straight and your knee behind your toe. When down in position, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings tightly together. Lift yourself back to your starting position and repeat. Be sure to switch legs with each set you complete.

Stability Ball Hamstring Move

To start, lay on your back on the floor. Put your heels up on the stability ball. Lift your hips (while squeezing your glutes) until your body is lifted into a straight line. After you master that basic move, challenge yourself by using your hamstrings to press your heels into the ball and try to roll it toward you. Be sure to keep your abs and glutes held in tight so you don’t “sink” in your core area.
These easy leg workouts can help you work your way toward sexy and toned legs without forcing you to spend hours in the gym or loads of cash on an expensive gym membership.
Since the stability ball is basically an inflated ball which can be stored and packed easily, it’s ideal for those who can’t make it to the gym or those who like to workout at home and can’t store bulky exercise equipment. It’s great for traveling business people or for parents who need to sneak in their exercise whenever and however they possibly can, due to hectic schedules.

For best results, be sure to mix up the routine each week or challenge yourself with more reps or added weights to your moves. So, tie up your Reebok shoes and get to work with your stability ball training today!

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