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Feb 13, 2011

The Best Butt Exercise Routine for REALLY Sore Glutes

A Butt Exercise Workout that will leave your glutes sore!
Women often write to me asking how they can target their butt and make it more toned so it won’t be so big. I have written scores of articles on RWF about the best exercises and ways to do this so I thought it was time to take it one step further and put it into a really tough butt exercise routine so that you can go to the gym and put it into practice.
SO! If you want to shape yourself a nice firm butt then this is the article for you!
Essential elements of a good butt exercise workout
Before we get into the routine itself we need to look at the essential elements that are part of any good butt workout. If you don’t know why you are doing certain things then you might end up doing them with bad technique or just skipping over them altogether.
1. The warm up
The warm up that comes before your leg workout is vital for two reasons.
Firstly, if you don’t warm up your legs enough and then proceed to a lot of heavy exercises like squats and lunges then the chances are you are going to do yourself some damage. You must always warm up to avoid injury.
Secondly, if you don’t warm up it will take you a lot longer to really get into the exercise. When you start hitting the main workout you want to be pumped and sweating and ready to do. You do not want to start lifting heavy after you have warmed up half way through the workout. Not good.
2. Progression
If you really want to shape your butt and get it the way you want it then you have to keep progressing through the different levels that you and your body will reach. Just like anything, the human body adapts to pressure pretty quickly and weight training is no different. Unless you want to stagnate you have to keep adding resistance and new pressures to the body and force it to keep up.
Some ways to make sure you progress are:
- add weight
- change the speed of your reps
- change the amount of time you rest inbetween sets
- change the order of the exercises in your routine
3. Technique
If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times - technique is THE most important thing when it comes to weight training or developing muscles. If you do everything else right but have poor technique then you are never going to make any physical progress. You need to make sure you are doing all the exercises correctly otherwise you will find that you are hitting the wrong muscles and wasting your time.
4. Right length
When you are working out to get a particular result you need to make sure you are working out for a length of time that is consistent with that result. What I mean by this is that if you want to win a sprinting race then there is no point in you training for a marathon!
When you want to develop your muscles and lose fat the best thing is to keep the workouts short and intense. Too much rest and wandering around in a workout will slow you down. Always aim for a powerful intense workout over a long drawn out one. I never workout for more than 45 minutes unless I am training something like boxing technique where I need to keep repeating the movements over and over.
The right length also includes the correct number of reps for each exercise.
5. Right exercises
Obviously! You need the best exercises that you can find so that you can get results quickly and without wasting too much energy.

What are the best butt exercises

I have written many articles on the best butt exercises and how to do them properly. I have gone into fine detail with the instructions because I truly believe that good technique is paramount.
If you want to have a look at some good butt exercises before I show you the routine then you can go back and read some of those articles. The main ones are:
- The jumping squat
- Lunges
- Calf raise
- Squat
- Exercises without using weights
There are many more but these are the essential ones that you really need to know.

The butt exercise routine for fast butt toning and shaping

Now we get down to business! Here is a butt exercise routine that I recommend for any woman who wants to change the shape of her butt as fast as possible.
Heavy Squat410-15
Jumping Squat3failure
Dumbbell Lunge38-10
Calf Raise310-15
It is important to remember that the rep range is not a number that I have just pulled out of the air. The rep range means that you should pick a weight that causes you to fail at that number. For example, if I pick up a 30 kilo dumbbell I know I will only be able to do around 10 reps of a bicep curl. The numbers chosen are very specific as some muscles respond better to more repetition while others respond better to less. Try to stick within the given rep range.
This routine should be used once a week for about six weeks. After that you will need to try something new but by that time you should have made a significant impact on your butt and legs.
Remember to keep eating clean with lots of protein during this time and keep up with the intense cardio on the other days. The fitter you are the better you will look! Good luck.

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