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Feb 26, 2011

Aerobic Fitness and Exercise Music

Bringing a lifetime of physical fitness for man or woman during aerobic exercise.
There is nothing like walking into a gym and hearing the Opus of exercise. Aerobic music is one of the most important mood setting tools for a fitness class.
Could you imagine a step or spinning class without the right musical score setting the rhythm and cadence? Without the resonance of beating bass and an upbeat tempo, an aerobics class would be just a toil of exertion. When I was growing up we called it calisthenics and in my grand parents time they called it doing your daily constitutional.

Aerobic instructors and 32 count aerobic exercise music.

Aerobic instructors rely on music to keep the 32-count, 120 beat per minute, routines on track. They build from a limbering warm up to a final thrust of motion exposing who is in condition and who is not. An aerobics work out is really broken into a series of drills and movements called routines.
When an aerobics tune reaches the top of it's musical phrase it helps prepare students for the next section of the workout undertaking. At this point the lyrics change and a new instrument or musical arrangement indicates that the instructor is going to lead them through another set of movements that have been well practiced and rehearsed. As the students hear the first few beats of Olympic Anthems being played, they know that they are in for an interval of competitive sport training and it is time to put out until they hear the aerobic music change once more to a Broadway or Classical melody indicating that cool down is just around the corner. Aerobic and fitness instructors rely on the music verse and composition to set the dynamics of the class. They need to select an aerobic piece that has the right chorus and musicality that will inspire motivation and energy out of the students. The right selections of music can make or break the attendance of a class.

Aerobic workout music for all kinds of fitness programs.

Aerobic workout music is used in all kinds of fitness activities. The new Curves for Women have a constant set of songs playing in the background as another tape with a commanding voice indicate when it is time to shift to the next piece of equipment or movement. What we will call plain aerobic exercise, step aerobics and combo aerobics (aerobics+step) could not exist without the background and constant changing of musical scores. Aerobic fitness programs like interval and circuit training, as with Xtreme training, also benefit from the changing of song refrains. Aerobic sports like kickboxing and sculpting, as well as sports conditioning like inside group cycling may not be able to always keep to the beat, but depend on the motivational song themes, rhythms, and lyrics to be successful when pumping iron or bike pedals. With a senior workout, the playing of oldies as low tempo fitness music can take the senior's mind off the physical discomfit and remind the muscles of movements that were engrained in their earlier lives. And last I must mention the innovative playing of music above and below the water line during water aerobics. It might not look like synchronized swimming but it does help to keep up with the routine while trying not to drown.
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For floor exercises or dance classes there are many styles of aerobic exercise music.

There are many choices in theme and style when it comes to the selection of aerobic dance music. You have to keep in mind the demographics of the class participants and not so much the musical taste of the aerobic instructor. There are aerobic songs for every decade pretty much from the 40's through the 90's. Classes will sometimes cater not by age but by musical taste with beach, jazz, hip-hop, Latin, classic rock, country, Broadway, classical, Motown, club, and disco aerobic music. There is musical aerobic themes from movies, Olympic anthems, top 40, instrumentals, female artist hits, and hi-energy. Because of concern over intense song themes and sexual lyrics, the religious and church communities have also adapted many old hymns into upbeat 32-count Christian aerobic music or what is also referred to as aerobic gospel music.

As a buyer you need to be aware about purchasing exercise music.

Aerobic tapes and now CDs created by aerobic music DJs are often full of modern hip, fun music. Unformatted many aerobic music DJs don't have the formal musical training and often the required 32-count phrasing isn't exactly, well, 32 counts. There is nothing worse than to play your newly purchased aerobics exercise tape and realize part way through your turn-straddle-turn that you are suddenly off the beat as is the rest of your class. Pretty soon half the class is stepping up when they are supposed to be stepping down or spinning left when they are supposed to be spinning right. By not buying music from experienced aerobic artists you may find yourself and your class in some awkward beat changes ruining the flow and attendance of your class.

Downloading free aerobic music on the web.

The Internet has now allowed students and instructors alike to quickly find a vast array of aerobic download music. Most good websites that offer aerobic instructor music allow the instructors to download free aerobic music samples. This way the aerobic instructor can make sure it is 32 aerobic count music. The Internet has made way for instructors and participants to discover original aerobic artist music. A lot of these aerobic artist musicians would never have had a chance to be discovered or played in a classroom setting if it wasn't for the Internet's ability to deliver by download aerobic music. It was rumored that there were a couple of older aerobic CD music companies (aerobic Dynamix music and fitness music leader Burntrax Music) that were not at first thrilled with this technology advancement but are quickly adopting this form of distribution themselves.

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