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Apr 22, 2011

Tricep Exercises without weights

There are quite a few exercises you can do for your triceps that do not require weights. These exercises are also important for overall fit level. All you need is your own body weight and a chair/floor for these exercises. Dumbbells,bars,machines, or whatever else are not needed for the ones that will be outlined in this article. These exercises will give a good pump to your muscles just like you would find if you were using free weights. (Perhaps even better sometimes)

One of the most common body weight exercises for the triceps are the dips. This exercise can be used with a chair, bench, or anything else that you can sit on that is not to high. To perform this exercise sit on the bench/other and put your hands to the outer sides of your butt. Afterward bring your butt a few inches away from the bench and lower until elbows are at right angles. Then elevate your arms and body away from the floor and repeat.
This is a very simple exercise and should be done with 3-5 sets depending on if you are doing it alone or as a supplement after using free weights. Meaning more sets done alone, less if you did previous exercises. As for reps it will depend on skill level, but if you can do 10 and get a good burn stop and rest then repeat. You may find yourself being able to do more like 20 plus. Its best to do as many till failure since this is a body weight exercise then rest until next set.

Advanced body weight dip (Parallel dip)

There is another exercise that is similar to the previous, but is more difficult. There are many parallel dip bars at most gyms, however you can also do this with objects at home like 2 chairs as long as  you have enough space to lower yourself and they do not break, You will need to be slightly more fit to perform this exercise. Overweight people may not be able to do this and should begin with the previous exercise noted above.
To  perform this exercise, stand in between the two parallel bars and place your hands on them. (They should be straight) Lower you self down at moderate speed until arms are fully bent. Then raise yourself up and repeat. Just be careful not to lower yourself to low cause this can hurt your shoulders. Once your arms are fully bent come right up. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Triangle push ups

Another great exercise that does not require free weights or anything except a flat floor is the triangle push up. This is basically a push up that has your hands touching each other rather than being wide. Having them close together will target the triceps muscles and the chest a little bit.
To perform this exercise go into a push up position and bring your hands close together. Create a triangle with your hands by having the 2 index fingers touching and the 2 thumbs touching. They should just barely touch so you will create a triangle shape in between your hands. Afterward lower yourself just like a push up and raise yourself until the triceps contracts. You should feel a burn after doing so many reps. Some people may find this exercise a lot more difficult than a regular push up due to the stress it has on the triceps muscles. Go for 3-5 sets normally.
These exercises explained here are great since they do not require free weights except your body. They are very good done alone or can be done if you did use free weights previously to get a good pump and extend the workout for added growth.

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