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Apr 22, 2011

The Super Power of Bodybuilding

Over 50 million people around the world have become obsessed with progressive-resistance exercise. This involves contracting the muscles against resistance. Body building, also known as ‘pumping iron’ or weight training is the process offirming, shaping, heightening and even rearranging the musculature of the body through the use of free weights and machines.
Through weight training, it is possible to work individual muscles or sets of muscles directly for maximum stimulation and efficiency. Weight training also improves cardio vascular strength and flexibility. Body building is becoming ever more popular among women because it is the fastest known way to transform the female figure . A conscientious, carefully designed program of weight training can produce visible results within three to five weeks. Reflecting the rise of this exercise obsession there are vast number of periodicals and other publications available that offer advice to the amateur and the competitor.
Because this is the most strenuous pastime around it is important to be well informed about the demands that body building places on the body and follow several crucial prescriptions. If you have a severe weight problem or have little experience with fitness training, you should seek professional advice about how to increase your general activity level before trying to pump iron.
Before beginning weight training, a warm up routine is necessary. In the case of beginners, it is necessary to start slow and perform short series. A body builder must be committed to nutritious diet centred around fresh unprocessed foods. Maintain concentration throughout workouts. If you are intending to purse weight training in earnest, it is better to see a doctor for a medical exam which should include a stress test and you should also ask for dietary recommendations.
Seven to eight hours of sleep for a body builder is a must.  It is necessary to practice self scrutiny and set reasonable short term goals. Always make sure that you have some professional around you while you work out, even if you do not have a dedicated personal trainer. Mishaps can happen anytime, and as you are dealing with weights, it is better not to take a risk.

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