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Jan 2, 2011

Lauren Conrad's Diet and Exercise Tips that Keep Her Great Figure

Lauren Conrad is an American television personality, celebutante, actress, author and fashion designer. She was best known in her role on the MTV reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off series, The Hills. She’s likewise a fashion designing student who garnered the Teen Choice Award in 2006 and 2007 for her role in “The Hills”. Lauren always looked great in every appearance she has. Do you want to know the secrets of this California girl? Then keep reading.
lauren-conrad.jpgLauren Conrad’s diet allows her to eat six mini meals per day with a daily caloric limit of 1,500 calories. Her diet regimen is usually composed of protein and vegetables, but also treats herself sometimes especially during her cheat days with carbohydrate-rich foods. The 6 mini meals per day is a great diet that helps in speeding up her metabolism and keeping her blood sugar levels in the normal range.
On a typical day, Lauren Conrad’s diet regimen includes coffee together with skimmed milk for breakfast. This is accompanied with one whole-grain waffle with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter to provide her with calcium and protein. During other days, she might just have oatmeal or Kashi cereal, both with skim milk. For lunch, Lauren Conrad’s diet plan contains Cobb salad w/ turkey bacon, egg whites, veggies, avocado and balsamic dressing. During other days, she may just take in grilled chicken salad or chunk light tuna with feta cheese on a bed of lettuce. For snacks, she eats a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese and 10 raw almonds that helps keep her energy levels up, or perhaps low-fat yogurt with seven walnuts. For dinner, she eats a serving of lean fish, about 4 to 6 ounces, or perhaps chicken breast served with a salad or roasted vegetables.
On the other hand, Lauren has always been active and in to sports when she was younger. But now, Lauren Conrad’s exercise routine includes 1 hour workout session with her personal trainer Jarett Del Bene. She usually does light weight trainings plus cardio exercise using the treadmill two times per week. Lauren likewise incorporates intense circuit training and boxing into her routine. This is a combination of regular punching and kickboxing that helps in increasing her strength and condition.
Included also in Lauren Conrad’s exercise routine is hiking for 45 minutes in the LA Runyon Canyon especially when she’s not hitting the gym. Lauren says, “The first place I lost weight was my little belly. Now I’m happy about my arms because they were a little mushy!” She adds “When I work out regularly and eat healthy, I feel better.”

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