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Dec 18, 2010

Where Can I Get the Motivation to Lose Weight?

When struggling to lose weight, many dieters have a hard time staying motivated to reach their ultimate goal. Although the motivation to lose weight can come from many sources, many weight loss experts and dieters that have reached their goal weight will attest to the fact that their motivation to lose weight was internal. Once you figure out how to find the motivation to lose weight, your weight loss goals become much more attainable.
Although the motivation to lose weight can be described as internal, it can still be influenced by outside sources. Many people choose to lose weight for a big event such as a wedding or class reunion. However, unless this big event coincides with an internal will to live a healthier lifestyle, the weight loss will most likely not be permanent.
For the kind of weight loss that will last, the first step to find the motivation to lose weight is to make a commitment to yourself. It is important that you remind yourself of this commitment everyday so write it in a journal, have it pop up on you rcomputer screen, hang it on the fridge or hang it anyplace that you look at on a daily basis. Your commitment should be for a healthier lifestyle, with weight loss just a bonus. If you concentrate on the numbers, you can very easily sabotage or defeat yourself when you don’t lose as much as you want in a certain time frame.
In addition to committing to yourself, many people find the motivation to lose weight by also committing to a weight-losssupport group and/or a weight-loss buddy. This approach can also be done through numerous websites online. Some people also stay motivated by committing to a gym or exercise program. Even more find it helpful if they pay money for some of these things because they keep their motivation to lose weight because they don’t want to waist the money they have spent on outside help.

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