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Dec 24, 2010

Maintaining the Motivation

  • Find a role model: I have a few friends who pin up their role models on their walls. Many women get motivated to diet and work out by taping up pictures of models or actresses. This is actually a great way to remind yourself what your goals are and keep a visual of them fresh in your mind. Just be sure to pick an appropriate role model and not someone with unhealthy eating and exercise habits or an unachievable image.
  • Set small goals: A sure shot way to loose your motivation to exercise very quickly is to start out with a killing workout. If you set yourself tough goals in the beginning, you probably won’t achieve them and will then become discouraged. The key is to set smaller and easier and work your way up. Start with “I will work out three days this week”. Start with easier exercises. Once you start enjoying your workout and get yourself into a routine, it will be easier to get yourself to work out harder and do more during each successive session.
  • Reward yourself: Setting goals is a good way to keep going with a workout program. If you have trouble keeping yourself going, reward yourself when you reach a goal. Don’t go with big rewards, just small rewards for reaching small goals. For example, you can go to that movie if you work out three times this week. Or, you can go for a walk in your favorite garden. Reward can be any activity that makes you feel good, you need not spend money to reward yourself.
  • Get a buddy: A partner will keep your motivation to exercise on a higher level. Your workout becomes more interesting if you have some one to give you company. The element of 'work' gets diluted, the activity becomes more entertaining. This makes it more likely that next time you will not put off going for the work out. Having a buddy also makes it harder for you to skip your workout because you’ll be letting someone else down and they’ll be there to talk you into going even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Make it fun: Find an exercise that keeps you interested. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it. Keep looking until you find something you enjoy doing. This way, you’ll find your self looking forward to exercise instead of dreading it.
  • Mix it up: Monotony kills the enthusiasm. Even the most exciting workout can get boring if you do it over and over every day. Find several exercises you like to do and alternate. Try jogging Mondays, dance class on Wednesdays, and swimming on Saturday. Any time you find yourself getting bored with a workout, replace it in your rotation for a while and start it again in a few months.

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