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We welcome guest bloggers who are interested to share your blogging.

What Is The Advantage Of Guest Posting?

1) Organic traffics – Relevant readers.
2) Blog exposure – Expose your blog to public.
3) Dofollow link – Improve of search engine ranking.


A few requirements about your article:
1) Article must be related my Blog as in Health & Fitness.
2) A minimum of 400 words per article.
3) Maximum 2 outbound links.
4) Article must be uniquely written by you.
5) Article must be exclusive for this blog only, which mean you can’t post it anywhere else.

We’ve the authority to edit your post, but most probably we won’t. We believe that you’ll contribute useful article. Self promotion is strongly not recommended.

How To Get Started?

1) Fill up the Contact Us form. In message section share Post title, Blog Description and Links with tags.
2) Your article will need to be approved before it goes live. It usually takes a few days depending on the number of guest posts in queue.

Kindly take note that we don’t publish all submitted guest articles. There are many factors but the approval rate is pretty high for genuine pieces, so don’t be too concerned.


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